2016 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet Special

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I know it’s been a while, and I’m not here to make excuses, but 21, uni, work, life, pasta, yeah. But, I’m here now, so why not bring it all back with one of my favourites? Here is a recap of the 2016 TV Movie Awards Red Carpet!


First up, Kendall Jenner.

Say what you want about the whole Kardashian association, but dammit this girl needs some credit. I am LOVING this look, top to bottom, wouldn’t change a thing, 10/10, would review again. Black dresses can very easily fall into the ‘been there, done that’ category, and while this dress isn’t entirely ‘never before seen’, it’s certainly unique and new enough to hold its own. Paired with the Balmain dress, as you may or may not have already noticed, is the world’s most strappy heels known to mankind. The PERFECT match for the ‘mullet’ style skirt, and great reference to the strap detail on the chest.


Gigi Hadid.


Where there’s a Kendall, there’s a Gigi.

Now normally, I am a huge fan of Gigi’s style, never a fault in sight, but honestly, I’m not too excited about this one. Once again, she’s gone for the clip-in fringe look, which while I may not be the biggest fan of, she does pull of very well. As for the pantsuit, I’m not loving it. Sure there have been great outfits that reference the classic suit style, but this is really more of a just straight up pant-suit, no interpretation in sight. I love the peek-aboo lace bralett detail, and the shirt underneath has great colouring and works as a tool to draw the eye, but overall, too ‘budding business’ for me.

gigi mtv


Brittany Snow.

Ah Brittany, the colour injection we all needed in our lives. Great look here. I’m such a fan of the ‘cape top’ style, and paired with the deep neckline and the slicked-back hairstyle, Brittany pulls this look of beautifully. By pairing the look with very minimal accessories, the dress is able to be the focal point, as it should be. The only this I would change would be the shoes. Great colour and style, but with the dull rounded toe, it makes her feet appear as though they are very wide and almost out of proportion with the silhouette. A nice pointed toe shoe could fix this easily.


Holland Roden.

The other colour injection we all need. Again, I am usually a massive fan of Holland’s style, very unique and true to self, and I think that’s the case here as well. While I do believe this outfit works well on Holland, I feel it’s the kind of look only she could pull off. Very hit or miss, but she certainly does pull it off well. I’ve always been a bit spooked by the floor length leg hem look, as the inevitable crease at the foot always looks like a broken ankle to me. If the outfit had been a body suit, rather than a top and bottoms (as it appears), I think it may have worked slightly better, but still, a great MTV red carpet look.


Cara Delevingne

Someone who I’m yet to see have a truly bad red carpet look, once again, pulls off a great piece. I’m loving this almost tuxedo inspired jumpsuit on Cara. Fit perfectly, and the sheer structure given by the paneling on the top and bottom half of the look, makes for a great ensemble from the queen of casual style. Loving the simply gold accessories as well




So that’s it for this post! Just a quick fashion fix for this time, enough to get you over that Monday’itis hill.

Check back soon for more to come! I’m not sure when exactly, because, as I said earlier, 21, uni, work, life, pasta, yeah, but hopefully soon!

xx missbellamizzi

(All photos referenced from Buzzfeed’s post “Here’s what everyone wore to the 2016 MTV Movie Awards”)

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Bananas, Bicycles, and BounceFit, Oh My! #DaysTo21 | M I S S B E L L A M I Z Z I


So, week one of #DaysTo21 done and dusted ey? Correct! Has my life taken this sudden positive, health conscience swing into happiness? No, not in the slightest, BUT, it’s definitely changed in some way. In short, I have had a very busy week, so a lot that I had initially planned for #DaysTo21 ended up being put aside or postponed.

Well, what did you do to kick start #DaysTo21 then you ask?! Sit yourself down young grasshopper and I shall let you know!

Firstly, after doing some research into the MANY online ‘bikini body’ style programs, I came across the Kayla Itsines ‘bikini body training guide’. The thing I loved most (aside from the brilliant idea of a free one week workout guide) was the fact that Kayla is an Australian who had the initiative to start her own business and take it online to the world. It’s very informed from her many qualifications, and easy to understand, for those of us who may read something like “stretch head to toe” and understand it as reaching your head down to your toes, and that being the end of the stretching…

So, I decided to give the free one week workout guide a go!

Screenshot_2015-08-30-20-43-43 (2)

I did also go for  decent bike ride, which I’ve always loved doing, but never seem to get the time for. I really want to push myself to go for longer bike rides, but for now, I’m pretty happy with how they’re going.

Like I said earlier, I did in fact change my eating habits more than I increased my excersize. I started out by alternating breakfasts between banana and peanut butter on multigrain toast; and a strawberry, banana, yoghurt, and low fat milk (I had planned on also using spinach, but found that the pack I had bought had gone off) smoothie for breakfast. I also found out that carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, cheese (mmmm, cheese) and sweet chilli dip are another great lunch idea 🙂

IMAG1197 DSCN7058


I then, with the company of my friend Marcella, also gave BounceFit a go! For those who don’t know, I work at the trampoline park ‘Bounce Inc.’, and we run this fitness class called ‘BounceFit’, which is basically 45 mins of strategic jumping that targets different areas of your body, as well as getting your cardio up 🙂 Great class, and it really works well, as it’s found that 10 mins of jumping can equate to 30 mins of running. Prettttyyyyyy cool I’d say! I didn’t actually take any photos of this however, because, well, reasons, but Cella and I are planning on making this a regular part of our routine, so I’m sure you’ll get to see some soon!

And that’s a wrap on week 1of #DaysTo21! Check back next week for another update! 🙂

xx missbellamizzi

#DaysTo21 | M I S S B E L L A M I Z Z I


For those who are unaware, or who are new to my blog, I in fact am not that far off from entering the realm of eternal life-crisis’, responsibility, and general pain, otherwise known as, ‘adulthood’. Yes, that’s right, I’m turning 21.

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who was under the opinion that I was still a tween.

So upon this realization that I’m soon going to need to ‘adult’ on a daily basis, I began to look back upon the memory collection of ‘expectations that Bella had thought she would achieve by a certain age’ (Bella, 1999 – 2006, age 5 – 12). This is a collection of works that I believe most people have authored at some point in their life. While the big runners of; ‘own a pony’; ‘marry Zac Efron’; and ‘get a standing ovation from singing a smash hit onstage and then crowd surf all the way over to my waiting prince (aka Harry Styles) who then whisks me away in a horse drawn carriage to a beach party where he and I party all night with the likes of the cast from Blue Water High and the guys from Little Mix, S Club 7, and Glee), may still be in the works, I  have noticed that one of my particular ‘expectations that Bella has thought she would achieve by a certain age’, is more than well overdue. This expectation is something that is entirely in my control, so its overdueness is just plain rude. 

This particular ‘expectation that Bella thought she would achieve by a certain age’ is probably also one of everyone’s most common ideals, and that is that I thought I would have my personal health and body under control in terms of weight loss, fitness, and general ‘banging bodyness’. 

For too long, I’ve had event after event, birthday after birthday, and day after day, where I’ve promised myself that by the next time, I’m going to get myself in order to the point that I can wear the outfit I really wanted to wear, but was too scared it would show off my flabby arms, stomach, or jiggly legs. I was never the kind of girl who would let things like this effect my happiness, but it has just become too much.

So, I introduce you all to the revelation that is #DaysTo21. 

#DaysTo21 is going to be my motivation, diary, and exhibition of how I started to honor young and present Bella’s ‘expectation of what Bella would achieve by a certain age’. It hopefully will also develop into a platform that others can share their ‘expectations of what they would achieve by a certain age’. Be it similar to the ‘own a pony’ expectation, or entirely different from any of that, share your challenge to achieve it thought #DaysTo21.

For me, I thought I would have achieved the general ‘banging bodyness’ by at least 18, so now, I am planning to get to at least ‘almost banging bodyness’ by my 21st birthday. 

This leaves me with 74 days (yas, counting is one of my many talents). Being realistic is also a talent I’d like to think I have, so I know that this is a relatively short time for me to be at my most desired ‘banging bodyness’ level, but, it’s a start.

So, I start with two images of myself, one from the front, one from the side. Groundbreaking.  This is because I have decided to measure my progress in photos and measurements, not weight. Because of, well, reasons. Each to their own. 

Day 1 of #DaysTo21
Day 1 of #DaysTo21

Stay tuned for weekly updates on #DaysTo21, and make sure to follow my social media for daily updates. These might be particular exercises, lifestyle changes, or food decisions that while may not be the complete and absolute personal trainer, nutritionist extraordinaire best, they’re something, to me. 

So, check back soon for more! 🙂

xx missbellamizzi

P I T C H P E R F E C T 2 R E V I E W ! ! ! | missbellamizzi


So, for a while now, I’ve just been one of those people who enters any competition I see, given that I actually want the prize, and I’m not totally buried underneath uni homework (ok, that last one not so much, but still), and guess what? It’s paid off! 

That’s right, I managed to win a ticket to go to a “special preview screening” of Pitch Perfect 2…… 3 DAYS BEFORE THE PREMIERE! 

And so, I offer my review.

Look, I’ve tried to think of another way to say this for a good 15 minutes now, but this movie was actually ACA-MAZING (ugh, stop it)! With the introduction of a new rivalry acapella team, the brilliantly over the top ‘Das Sound Machine’, Pitch Perfect 2 has certainly stepped up in the music department, which is what we all really want, I feel. I’m not going to lie though, while there were MANY hilarious moments that carried on from the first film excellently, a la Fat Amy and her incredibly spot-on Australian references, there were a few too many awkward silences to forget. Not to mention the hard to grasp aspect that a few key characters had moved on without recognition. Apart from that, you’ll be gasping for air between the limitless one liners from the world’s most prestigious acapella commentators Gail and John (Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins) who pull off social and political incorrectness in the best way possible… if there is such a thing. Overall, you will definitely have many a laugh during this movie, and you will not be disappointed with the musical choices, but as they say, a sequel can never quite live up to the original, and trust me, I’m not normally one to say that.

I thought I would also blog the outfit that I wore to the event! Sorry I couldn’t get more pictures, my camera and phone were taken off of me the second I got there, due to privacy issues before the premiere etc. But I did manage to get some shots before I left home! My jeans, which I am loving at the moment are from Madonna’s Material Girl collection through Myer, my Top is thrifted from a Salvos store, Jacket is verrrry old from Cotton On, Heels are Target, and my Bag is Princess Highway through Myer.

Pitch Perfect promo image sourced from: http://www.hitfix.com

Contouring and #RealTechniques | missbellamizzi

Priceline 40% Off Cosmetics Haul

I have long heard of the premium makeup brushes line ‘Real Techniques’, almost as long as I had been watching one of my favorite beauty YouTubers, Tanya Burr. I soon became aware of the Real Techniques creators, Sam and Nic Chapman, again, around the same time that I became aware of beauty guru Tanya’s fiancé, Jim Chapman. The next set of information that I acquired, through watching the couple’s YouTube adventures, was that Jim had two sisters who were also beauty gurus. I then watched a video that Tanya had posted of her and Jim going to a presentation of his sisters’ new makeup brushes line. 

But do you want to know when I finally put two and two together?

When another favorite YouTuber of mine, Zoella, explained that she had loved the Real Techniques brushes, ever since her friend, Jim Chapman, had introduced them to her, through his sisters….the creators. 

Well done Bella, well done.

Moving on, I had been wanting to purchase some of these renowned brushes for a while now, and I finally got the chance when I came across them in the infamous ‘Priceline Pharmacy 40% off cosmetics sale’! The last time this sale was on, I had work and uni all day, every day of the sale. My Mum even tried to go for me to get another wish list beauty product of mine, the Australis ‘AC on Tour Contouring and highlighting kit’, only to find it was sold out Australia wide. Would you believe that I managed to get the LAST AC on Tour kit in store this time round? I wouldn’t normally, but I did. I was next to shameless hysterical tears in store. I also picked up a ‘Models Prefer’ mascara, because why not?

So, after finally attaining these long yearned for products, I have to say that my expectations have been exceedingly met. I love them. I picked up the ‘expert face brush’ from Real Techniques, and have not put it down since. It sits at pride of place in front of all my other makeup brushes (5…but still). The application is so smooth, and the short hairs make it much easier to apply neatly, and blending a breeze. The contouring kit has been super helpful, complete with Bella proof instructions on the back; although I do feel I need some more practice in the art first. Let me know if you’d like to see a makeup look featuring the kit in another blog post! 

So, for now, my makeup life is quite, quite happy.

xx missbellamizzi

B L O G G E R S X V A M F F – missbellamizzi


This week, I was invited to attend my first bloggers / fashion industry brunchon as part of VAMFF (Virgin Australia Melbourne Festival), by someone who did not know me in person, but instead found me through my blog.


I’ll tell you right now, there is nothing like recognition from within the industry that you exist, that your work is found and viewed by others alike. Except free stuff. Nothing beats free stuff.

So the bloggers / fashion industry brunchon. Where do I start? The event was constructed by and with thanks to the beautiful Natalie Rapp (Photographer and blogger). She had somehow managed to coordinate the whole event and pulled it off wonderfully. We were treated to our own sundeck at the picturesque ‘Crab Apple Kitchen’ in Hawthorn, where you can only imagine the chatter and excessive picture moments that took place. I met some of the most entrepreneurial, inspiring, and unique people yet, being in their presence felt as if I’d jumped the velvet rope into wonderland.

Once we had taken upwards of a million pictures of our brunch (and eventually eaten it), we made our way out the back of the café, only to realise the little laneway outside had the perfect street style backdrops, and so commenced the hour and a half (felt like anyway) of snapping outfit photos. I’ll take this moment to state that I tend to have mahoosive brain fart moments whenever I least need them, and end up underdressed for an event I really care about. It’s when I don’t particularly need to look nice, that I manage to pull it off best, like when I’m having a home day, or going grocery shopping, you know, important dress up events. So, I do apologise right now for my immensely underdressed outfit for this fashion industry brunch. A few of us are planning to catch up again soon, so I’ll be sure to put even Carrie Bradshaw to shame. (Probably not, but the thought is there). So, for now, do enjoy these snapshots from the BLOGGERSXVAMFF fashion industry brunch!

Thanks for a great day, and hope to see you all again soon!

Xx missbellamizzi

Second Row VAMFF Flashbacks

For those of you who have had your head involuntarily pinned beneath the devil’s ass (a concept otherwise described as university), I offer my condolences. I also will take this chance to offer a hand back up into the world of the living with a reminder that the ‘Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’ has once again begun. Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned concept, I did not get the chance to grab a golden ticket to any of the events, but am trying to get my hands on something soon. So until then, I thought why not use this opportunity as a flashback to a happier time, when I was lucky enough to score second row seats at ‘The Iconic presents River Island’ fashion show of last year’s VAMFF celebrations. I vlogged the event on the missbellamizzi YouTube channel with my beautiful cousin Zarmina ( @zarminavictoria.s on Instagram), so today’s flashback can be brought to you in video format, lucky duck.


xx missbellamizzi